Banglalink 3G Packages

Banglalink 3G packages: the way we have reshaped the bangladesh telecom market and made mobile telephony affordable to everyone, in that same spirit we would like to reshape the mobile internet market by offering superior 3G experience at affordable data tariff plans to bring the service to every common bangladeshi. banglalink 3G provides value for money through the right experience. discover our affordable packs below.

for every internet pack purchase worth tk. 10 or more, customers can enjoy
   – unlimited facebook and whatsapp
   – free browsing of prothom alo website

Banglalink 3G packs

package namewho can buypackage price
purchase nowactivation codedeactivation code
testerprepaid, call & control13 MB1purchase*5000*518#*5000*536#
starterprepaid, call & control2.55 MB1purchase*5000*513#
mini playerprepaid, call & control1540 MB2purchase*5000*502#
playerprepaid, call & control, postpaid3075 MB5purchase*5000*501#
explorerprepaid, call & control75175 MB15purchase*5000*517#
browserprepaid, call & control, postpaid99250 MB30purchase*5000*503#
super browserprepaid, call & control, postpaid200600 MB30purchase*5000*504#
cool riderprepaid, call & control, postpaid2751 GB30purchase*5000*511#
smart surferprepaid, call & control, postpaid3502 GB30purchase*5000*506#
downloaderprepaid, call & control, postpaid6504 GB30purchase*5000*508#
crazy downloaderprepaid, call & control, postpaid9508 GB + FUP30purchase*5000*509#
mega downloaderprepaid, call & control, postpaid160012 GB + FUP30purchase*5000*510#
*all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.
3G pack balance check
  • to check balance, pre-paid and call & control subscribers can dial *5000*500#.
  • to check balance, post-paid subscribers can type 3G and send sms to 121 or call 01911304121
terms & conditions
  • above mentioned data packages’ tariff plan will be valid till further notice.
  • subscribers will be able to enjoy the maximum speed of 1mbps.
  • the speed may vary subject to device compatibility, usage pattern and subscriber location, etc.
  • subscribers will be charged at tk 0.01/10 KB once the quota (volume) finish before pack expires.
  • to find consumed quota (volume), prepaid and call & control subscribers need to dial *5000*500#
  • to find consumed quota (volume), postpaid subscribers need to type 3G and send sms to 121 or call 01911304121
  • data packs will have auto-renewal.
  • to check which pack the customer has subscribed to subscribers need to dial *5000*540#
  • subscribers need to be within 3G coverage areas to enjoy the 3G speed.
  • 15% vat applicable.
  • FUP will be applicable for crazy downloader and mega downloader data packs once the given volume limits are exceeded
  • FUP speed will be 128kbps till the pack validity sustains and it’s totally free
  • FUP is applicable for prepaid and cnc packages only not for postpaid
  • to know more, dial 77666 (free)
3G mixed bundle package
bundle price minutes 3G internet sms mms validity to purchase, dial
tk. 500 300 1 GB 200 200 30 *132*500#
  • all banglalink pre-paid and call & control customers can enjoy this offer.
  • minutes and sms can be used 24 hours a day to any local operator.
  • mms can be used 24 hours a day to banglalink nuMBers.
  • in case of multiple bundle purchases, longer validity will be applicable.
  • unused bundle will not carry forward on expiry of the validity.
  • to check bundle balance customers need to dial *124*500#.
  • 10 sec pulse will be applicable for all bundle minutes.
  • vat applicable.
  • this is a limited time offer.
existing data packs in 2G

existing pre-paid and call & control 2G data subscribers enrolled in the mentioned packages can also enjoy banglalink 3G internet as below:
package name package details package price (tk) quota (volume) validity (days) Purchase Now activation code
p5120 MB100120 MB30purchase*5000*525#
p740 MB2040 MB7purchase*5000*522#
p890 MB5090 MB15purchase*5000*523#
p1550 MB5550 MB30purchase*5000*524#
*note: all items are subject to 15% vat in addition to the above mentioned charges.

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